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League of Legends Zoom Hack

Pubblicato da HsD1 su 13 Febbraio 2014, 13:06pm

League of Legends Zoom Hack is now available for free download. Welcome Summoners! Are you looking for an extra edge when playing League Of Legends? The FILEAK team is happy to share with you our latest release! The first League of Legends zoom hack was a tool used by many League of Legends players across the globe, though Riot was quick to make a patch, essentially rendering the hack useless. Riot also began to ban accounts using the League of Legends Zoom Hack. That however, is all in the past! We are happy to introduce to you the latest League of Legends zoom hack -- One developed completely on its own, and separate from the original.

The League of Legends Simple Zoom hack allows you to scroll out even more than default in order to see the map better. It is a tool that can help you gain better map awareness and faster targeting with better control over your character's movement.

Tested and confirmed to be working on patch 3.12.13_10_08_16_20 as of 19.10.2013

Download link http://bit.ly/18nuAEt

Download the Hack
Extract it somewhere and copy the file "ddraw.dll" to this dir:
D:\Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_s­ln\releases\\deploy
A message box will popup before loading a match asking "Increase max zoom?"
-Click YES if you want to load the hack.
-Click NO to play normal.

Download link http://bit.ly/18nuAEt

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